MOT Equipment Calibration

In addition to our repair, maintenance, sales and installation services, FGES also offer a comprehensive range of MOT equipment calibration services.

Calibration can be provided on a pay-as-you-go basis or with a 12 month calibration contract if required with Credit and Debit card payments welcomed.

We cover many leading brands of exhaust gas analyser, diesel smoke meter, roller brake tester and headlight tester, including: Crypton, Dieseltune, Tecalemit, Kismet HPA, Ravaglioli, Nussbaum, Hofmann Brekon and Laycock. We also specialise in the calibration and maintenance of older roller brake testers dating from the 1970s and 80s.

We are approved to issue genuine calibration certification and documentation conforming to VOSA / DVSA requirements. Crypton, Dieseltune, Omitec and Nussbaum emissions analyser calibration is carried out under the approval and supervision of UKAS accredited Laboratory No. 0645.

Below we have made every effort to list as many of the makes and models we cover as possible but if for any reason your equipment is not listed, please contact us.

Petrol Exhaust Gas Analysers | MOT EGA


All models & variants including:

Crypton: CMT500, CMT510, CMT511, CMT600, CMT1000, CMT1012, CMT1112, CMT2000, CMT2001, CMT2011, CMT2012, CMT2022, CMT3000, STP410, STP420, STP600, STP620, STP420, CCP600, CCP700, CCP800, CDP600, CDP700, CGP600, CGP700, CGP800, DSP600, DSP700, DSP800, 290, 290 HiSpec, 290EN2, 295, 297, 680, EDP800, EDP830

Omitec: OM2600/COM / OM4600 / OM 4600 / OmiGas / OmiEmissioncenter

Nussbaum Gas Analysers: EMMA 540, EMMA 560, A1N1201N (As supplied by Euro Car Parts.)

Diesel Smoke Meters | Diesel Smokeheads | MOT DSM

Crypton & Dieseltune

All models & variants including:

Crypton: CDP600, DSP700, DSP800

Dieseltune: DX211, DX211-1BT, DX250, DX260, DX260-1BT

Omitec OM1700 / OM 1700 / OmiSmoke

Nussbaum: EMMA 530, EMMA 560, A1N1202N, A1N1203N (As supplied by Euro Car Parts.)

Roller Brake Testers | Brake Rollers | MOT RBT

Crypton: EJ19, EJ29, 660, 660AP, 660AW, 660DW, 660W, 680, 685, 690, CBT6000, CBT7000, CBT6500, CBT7500, CBT040, CBT070, (Including all latest ATL spec models.)

(Alternatively labeled: Crypton Triangle, TI Crypton, FKI Crypton or Bradbury)

ATT: Arena, Arena TL720 Class 4, TL720 Class 7 (All latest ATL spec models as supplied by Ranger / Lift Master and others.)

Nussbaum: NTS, NTS810, NTS810 MOTIV, NTS810 MOTVII (Including all ATL spec models and Euro Car Parts supplied models.)

Tecalemit: DE7184, DE7185, DE7200, DE8232, DE7194, DE7195

Kismet KBT: 1099, 1099/1, 1100, 1250, 1250/1, 1250/2, 1300, KBT1300, 1300/3, 1300/7, 1300/8, 1300/13, 1300/18, 1305, 1305/1, 1600, 1600/1 1600/2

Kismet Dynaflex

HPA HP Anderson: 2302 MK, 2302 MK SE, 2307 M, 2303 MK, 2303 MK/R

Laycock SPD101 - Laycock 216463: 147629, 149500, 149501, 149502, 149591, 149592, 149593, 149662, 149663, 149685, 149710, 149721, 149722, 150975, 150976, 200085, 200086, 200087, 200093, 200094, 200095, 216458, 216459, 216460, 216461, 216462, 216463, 216464, 216465, 202185, 202186, 202260, 202261, 202262, 202286

Ravaglioli / RAV: RT011T/615/MOT, RT009T/615/MOT, RT009/MOT, RT011/102/MOT, RT009T/611/MOT, RT011T/611/MOT, RT011T/MOT, RT009/MOT IV, RT009/MOT IVF, RT011/MOT IV, RT011/MOT IVF, RT011/MOT VII, RT011/MOT VIIF, RT009/MOT VII, RT009/MOT VIIF, RT202, RT902, RT175

H& H - Hans Hougaard: H& H 500 AES, H H 500AES, HH 500A/1, HH 500A/2, HH 500A/3, HH 500A/4

Headlamp Aim Testers | Beam Aligners | Beam Setters

ALL makes, models and variants including:

Actia Muller, Analize (UK), ATT, Auto Parts, Auto System, Balco, Beissbarth, BM, Bosch, Boston, Bowmonk, Bradbury, Bullworthy, Crypton UK, Dunlop, Dynaflex, Euro Car Parts, Everquip, EWJ, Garage Equipment Group, GEG, Gemco, Gott, HH Garage Equipment, HH Lions, Hofmann, HPA, John Bean, Kendon, Kismet, Kismet Dynaflex, Launch, Laybury, Laycock, LET, Liftmaster, Lions, Lucas, Lucas Hartridge, Maha, Maywood, MSI, Nussbaum, Oakmain, Oma, Parbex, Premier Diagnostics, Prosol, Rotary, Sealey, Sirio, Snap-On, Souriau, SPX, Stenhoj, Straightset, Sun, Sykes Pickavant, Tecalemit, Tecnotest, Ten, Texa, The Trade Group, Trade, Trademaster, Transtec, TR Bullworthy, VLT, Werther, Wurth, Unipart

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